Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20,2009/1

Everyone agrees that what is taking place in "town halls" and elsewhere, most notably in connection with health-care reform, is proof positive of Americans' mistrust of government. On the basis of second- and third-hand observation, I'm inclined to agree, with this rider: if I had to guess, I'd say that Americans are deeply fed up with this government, which they see - as I do - as essentially functioning as a delivery system for the money interests: Wall Street, Big Pharma, Insurance etc. And I include the White House in this indictment. Back in November, I hardly thought I was voting for the Enabler-in-Chief.
I'm in my ninth year as Medicare user, and I have nothing but satisfaction to show for it. I'm not alone. Even louder than the anti-government babble is the theme, "But don't touch my Medicare!" I've had two knees replaced on Medicare, and various other procedures. It works, and I have no sense that my doctors are gaming the system, even those who don't take Medicare but will do and submit the paperwork (not the same as those who've opted out of the system.) I can't understand why the principal thrust of health-care reform, which as it's now being argued looks to me like an absolutely unresolvable Gordian knot, with the interests of the impecunious being notionally served by the bought-off, hasn't focused on extending Medicare to the uninsured, possibly working backward by age groups (extend the program to people over 55, then 45-55 and so on.)
(Added later): The head of the Mayo Clinic checks in here.
And in counterpoint, this.

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