Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009/1

Starting a new novel, so may be brief here until I get routine and momentum. An interesting column by John Crudele in this morning's NY Post. In this morning's WSJ, there's a piece that should only be read in the vomitorium, about how "B-list" firms, in this case a former employee of the bucket-shop Blinder Robinson, are coining it.
This is also excellent.
Running through some notes, I find this statement by the President to Jim Lehrer (July 21,2009):

And so our job is to -- with the resources that we've got -- try to maximize the help that we're getting to Main Street and to try to pressure Wall Street to do its part in making sure that credit is available so that businesses can start picking up again.

As my young texting friends would write: hahaha

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