Sunday, July 26, 2009

It looks as if the NY Observer and I are parting company for good. The new owner stands pretty much squarely on the side of those whom I consider the bad guys in the great civic and financial equations that govern our parlous existence. That his prospective father-in-law is Donald Trump, a person known to earlier readers of the NYO "Midas Watch" as "the Prince of Swine," only adds to the confusion. While I have written for other websites, most notably and, most recently, The Daily Beast (here)
the complete editorial freedom of this blog is appealing, although I may from time to time revert to those or other venues with a link here. I am also frankly tired of seeing stuff I write about crop up in some more famous column or from a bullier pulpit three or four weeks later, with no idea whether it was my thinking that struck the spark in a particular writer.
This blog will not be about me, or what I am up to. It will be about what I think, about what I like and dislike about the way we live now. I may write about books, food, the media, golf, music, Wall Street, manners, the writer's trade, Brooklyn, local politics, the Hamptons and other subjects that deeply interest me and that I think I have earned some small right - thanks to experience, research, observation and reflection - to discuss.
You might want to bookmark this space.

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